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Nigella Sativa + Manuka Honey CBD Capsules


The Nigella Sativa and Manuka Honey CBD capsules help to boost immunity, prevent infection and help to treat the common cold. Try using Nigella Sativa and Manuka Honey CBD capsules right before you begin to feel congestion or other cold symptoms.

CBD Concentration
Per bottle (30 Capsules) – 1000mg Broad Spectrum CBD
Per serving (1 Capsule) – 33.33mg Broad Spectrum CBD

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Our Nigella Sativa CBD Capsules are packed with a blend of Nigella Sativa, Manuka honey, and broad-spectrum CBD. Nigella Sativa seeds are small black seeds that are produced from flowers in the Ranunculaceae family. Derived from Southeast Asia and the Mediterranean, these tiny black seeds have been used in herbal medicine for centuries to help with inflammation, bronchitis, and chest congestion. Manuka Honey comes from New Zealand and what makes it unique from other honey is its active ingredient named Methylglyoxal. This active ingredient has anti-bacterial properties which can help to treat common colds, congestion, and infection. Using organic herbal ingredients and CBD together will improve their effectiveness, giving you optimal relief.

• Hemp Derived Broad Spectrum CBD (THC-free)
• Organic Nigella Sativa Seeds (Black Seed Cumin)
• Organic Manuka Honey Powder
• Vegan Capsules

Start with 1 Nigella Sativa and Manuka Honey CBD capsule, with food daily
Dosing may vary depending on every individual.
If experiencing little to no effects, increase dosing by 1-2 capsules, twice daily and work your way up from there.   

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