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Full Spectrum CBD Oil Natural (120ml)


Our naturally-flavored CBD oil with full-spectrum CBD is known as one of our most popular CBD oils and now available in a 120ml bottle. Formulated with hemp seed and MCT oil, this natural CBD oil has an earthy taste to it, but is great for a variety of concerns.

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Our naturally-flavored CBD oil is infused with full-spectrum CBD which has many benefits such as pain relief, reducing anxiety and assisting with trouble sleeping. The CBD oil is formulated with hemp seed and MCT oil which also has many health benefits such as improving immunity and heart health, and it is easy to digest. The naturally-flavored CBD oil takes on the taste of hemp seed oil which has an earthy taste. Use natural CBD oil at any time of the day by including it in your meals. 

• Hemp Derived Full Spectrum CBD (contains less than 0.3% THC)
• Organic Hemp Seed Oil
• Organic MCT Oil (Medium Chain Triglycerides) From Coconut

Start with 0.5ml of any concentration, twice daily.
Dosing may vary depending on every individual.
If experiencing little to no effects, increase dosing by 0.5ml and work your way up from there.   

CBD Concentrations

4000mg Concentration
Per bottle (120ml) – 4000mg Full Spectrum CBD
Per serving (1ml) – 33.33mg Full Spectrum CBD
Per 0.5ml – 16.66mg Full Spectrum CBD

8000mg Concentration
Per bottle (120ml) – 8000mg Full Spectrum CBD
Per serving (1ml) – 66.66mg Full Spectrum CBD
Per 0.5ml – 33.33mg Full Spectrum CBD

16000mg Concentration
• 120ml bottle: 1 drop = 4.4mg CBD
• 15 drops/0.5ml = 66mg CBD
• 30 drops/1ml = 132mg CBD
• Servings per container: 120

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Nicholas Butler
Premium quality

I don't compromise on quality, and this CBD oil meets my standards. It's been a crucial part of my daily routine for managing chronic pain. The full spectrum aspect makes it even more potent.

Tyler Gibson
Effective for multiple ailments

I have both chronic pain and anxiety, and this CBD oil has been a versatile solution. It addresses both issues effectively, and I appreciate the comprehensive relief it provides.

Brenden Case
A Natural Stress Reliever

In a world full of stress, this full spectrum CBD oil is a natural oasis. It calms my nerves and eases my anxiety, allowing me to face each day with a clear mind and a sense of tranquility

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