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About Herb Wellness

We believe in plants.

Herb Wellness has been committed to focusing on the true potential of healing that lies in the power of plants. Our mission is to work with top-quality natural ingredients to formulate products that have effective healing elements. Through research and development of various CBD extraction methods, we have created innovative formulas to share with the world.

Plants are powerful.

Herb Wellness believes in the power of plants to improve people’s holistic wellness so they can live healthy lifestyles.  The mission is to advocate the healing powers of CBD through high-quality, effective products. We stay committed to providing CBD products that are formulated with quality, transparency, and authenticity. 

The proof is in the product.

At Herb Wellness, we want to help people be conscious of what they are putting in their bodies. From start to finish, we make sure the process is done with care. Herb Wellness uses organic, non-GMO ingredients sourced from North American farms. The final products are handcrafted in our manufacturing facility in small batches so we can ensure quality. Tests are run on all batches by a third-party laboratory for mold, pesticides, and solvents.

Trusted Source

Herb Wellness is working towards being more sustainable through our production processes. By minimizing our plastic usage and implementing our new recycling program, we are doing what we can to help save the planet. The planet gives us our plants and without our plants, we would not have the healing powers of CBD.  

All products produced by Herb Wellness are carefully curated to ensure we bring the most effective products to the market. We stand by our products and believe in their effectiveness because we have seen positive results and that makes us passionate about what we do. You are in the right place for good-quality plant products. Dive into the healing power of CBD with Herb Wellness! 

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